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I just figured out what is going on in Iowa. It’s one huge cover-up. Why is no one talking about the app that was supposed to report all of this data that didn’t work. I heard one idiot say it wasn’t a reporting issue it was a coding issue??? If the code isn’t written right, then the app cannot report the data. 

So let me make that correction for the idiot I heard on the radio – it was both a coding issue and therefore a reporting issue. Caucuses have been happening for over 100 years. It’s the original way to select a single candidate from a group. It encourages dialogue and camaraderie amongst community members. I dare say it even promotes civility. 

But no one is talking about the fact that the first caucus fuck up was the first time they used an app to report the data. Make no mistake, someone wants to control your voter data and soon…very soon they will. This is how the narrative is controlled and technology is forced upon us in order to control us. I believe Bernie Sanders can form a policy to deal with and solve these problems.

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Hillary and TRUST!!

I just heard an interview where Hilary Clinton is putting down Bernie Sanders because they need to rebuild trust and she claims that he certainly is not the person to do this because he promises the moon and can’t deliver. I think she must have stopped in Chicago on her way to film this interview, acquired some good green, and toked it up on her private jet trip across flyover country. 

How in the world can a woman who explained to a group of directors at Goldman Sachs that she has a public opinion and a private opinion or a public speech and a private speech, speak from a credible place? She is a phony. She and her husband are both prime examples of how and why trust has been eroded over the last 40 years. The bottom line is she is a liar and a cheat and Bernie is not!

Bernie Sanders on the other hand has never changed course. His entire career has been built on helping others. I get a kick out of how pundits today love to mention that Bernie is in the 1%. What are they talking about? The only 1% group he falls into is due to writing a book about the 2016 election… I think he wrote two. 

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate running who can build trust in the broken place we call our Capitol. He may promise the moon, but I can tell you he’s going to make every effort to deliver. Of course he won’t be able to deliver on everything, but you can trust what he says he will do. And the fact that the main stream media runs with this milquetoast argument from Hilary is about the most transparent effort to defeat this insurgency I can imagine. 

As you know, I’m driving from Chicago to Manchester New Hampshire having left yesterday at about 3 o’clock. I’m in western New York and it has been a heavy snow for 90% of the trip. I have satellite radio so I’m able to listen to MSNBC and Fox news. It is indeed a most interesting exercise to toggle back-and-forth between these two outlets every 10 to 15 minutes. The echo chamber on both sides is nothing short of blazingly obvious. 

I’m starting to feel excitement in my belly as I get closer to Manchester. This is historic stuff and I’m incredibly grateful to be able to be a part of it in a small way. I also want to say a huge thank you to my wife for putting up with all this craziness. I love you very much. And I love YOU all too!

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Why I Support Bernie for President!

So I’m on the road to the New Hampshire primaries driving through Pennsylvania and I’ve been thinking about all of the reasons why I support Bernie Sanders for President. I’ve been a bit of a political junkie for my whole life and remember watching Oliver North testify during Iran Contra while I should have been out playing golf at my grandparents.

When I look at back at all the Presidents who have served during my lifetime starting with Richard Nixon, I can only point to one that I actually respect. Jimmy Carter never started an armed conflict or invasion of another country. That for me is enough to think he was the best of the whole bunch.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan flat out lied to us about the war on drugs and American exceptionalism as the moral majority. This is also when the NRA started to change the narrative around the Second Amendment. George H. W. Bush was nothing more than a political hack and warmonger. He was an elitist who was nothing but disconnected from the vast majority of Americans. Bill Clinton was morally bankrupt, enjoyed human trafficking with Jeffrey Epstein, lied before a grand jury, and did more harm to Africa African American incarceration than any other president in history. Why in the world was he considered the “first black president?” It was also Bubba, David Rubin and a whole host of other Wall Street bankers who obliterated our financial system with the repeal of Glass Steagall. George W Bush was nothing more than a puppet for Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld in their war mongering military industrial complex obligations. We went to war under totally false pretenses and lies, and cost American lives as well as trillions of dollars.

President Obama was more cozied up to Wall Street and their sacks of money than any president during my lifetime. He was famous for drone strikes that killed thousands of civilians as well as exceeded George W’s record for medical cannabis busts during his presidency. I don’t want to waste a whole lot of time talking about the current occupant of the White House. I believe most of us can agree on half a dozen things or more that make him a total disaster.

Bernie Sanders compared to those men, as well as the current crop of candidates in the Democratic primary, is the only one whose entire career has been about helping others. His actions match his rhetoric and he has never wavered. Since 1962 at the university of Chicago, he has been fighting for the disenfranchised and disadvantaged. His platform for being President is literally no different than President Eisenhower’s platform in 1956. How in the world did we go from a place where President Eisenhower’s platform is revered and honored and 60 to 70 years later it is considered crazy to implement such plans? Let’s remember President Eisenhower built the interstate highway system which we all use and take for granted.

I have no doubt Bernie Sanders will take on the big issues that face our country today. I can only imagine what sort of monumental projects potentially equivalent to the interstate highway system that will come about as a result of a Bernie Sanders Presidency. Simply put, Bernie is the only politician I have never heard tell a lie. And I’ve been watching him on C-SPAN as long as he has been in Congress.

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Why is Bernie so controversial?

Why in the world does Chris Matthews announce the next segment of the show as “Bernie has a surmountable lead – can Pete catch him?” If it was Biden (or anyone else) in the lead, it would be a different headline. Why is Bernie so controversial? He has never changed his point of view and his entire career has been about helping others. Why is that considered so offensive and crazy? He simply wants dignity for human beings. 

People have given the term socialist an unbelievably negative connotation. Let me just state one simple thing, established democracy has a socialist party as part of its government. Socialism is seen as negative in America because it would mean the two parties were losing their grip on power. Their policies, right or left, are socialist relative to how they are feeling that day or what poll they have last read. 

The Eisenhower Republican presidential platform was as follows… 1) Provide federal assistance to low-income communities 2) Protect Social Security 3) provide asylum for refugees 4) extend minimum wage 5) Improve unemployment benefits system so it covers more people 6) strength and labor laws so workers can easily join the union 7) assure equal pay for equal work regardless of sex.

How in the world does this get turned on its head and considered crazy and socialist? I’m currently writing on the interstate highway system built by President Eisenhower. 

Anyone who likes to say they did this on their own is forgetting one simple fact – the trucks that brought supplies to their business traveled on beautiful roads built by a Republican president.

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This is a site that includes essays, poetry, and pictures that showcase my journey through the world. The world is a cruel place and men need a place to share how they are feeling about mental health, feelings of inadequacy, despair, family, marriage, fear, and parenting. I am 46 years old… the last 6 years have brought me to a different way of looking at the world. I see men all over that are suffering in silence. My willingness to share my recovery journey has led to several dozen people seeking my guidance for a family member or friend that is suffering from addiction and other mental health issues. I want to use this as a forum for guys to share and create community. I am not sure how this is going to unfold but isn’t that part of the point. We need to aim toward the highest possible good we can think of and then work day in day out towards that goal. That is harder than it seems, many times what prevents us from aiming toward that star is the fact that we have already been living the life someone else has laid out for us. Parents, kids, spouses, grandparents… we all want to please these people that have such a remarkable influence on our lives. Many times this leads us to loosing ourselves and who we were truly meant to be. Hell I am 46 and just know figuring this shit our for myself. Hey, life is no dress rehearsal and we need to get going, time is NOT on our side.

Thanks for joining me!

— Rob

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