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Christmas in July? – Reason #3

One of the other reasons I really enjoy running Christmas tree lots is the opportunity to teach young people a strong work ethic.  

This will be my fourth year in operation. My friend Mike has been a part of this story from the very beginning and I could not have done it without him. Mike has two boys that I admire very much. They are growing into a fine young men. It makes me smile knowing that I had a part to play in helping these boys become men. I have three daughters so teaching young men is something special to me. Mike’s son Cam has been working at the tree lot from day one.  Over the last three years he has worked hard enough that next year he’s going to have the opportunity to run and manage one of the lots on his own.  I like to think that I have planted a seed in Cam similar to the one Bill Sorenson instilled in me when I was a young man.  Cams brother Mike also works with his dad and myself at the tree lot. The boys have complementary skill sets and are learning how to work together. What a good feeling for a dad.  The 2020 season is going to be a bit different.  The boys and I have already started talking about operations.  I’ve decided I’m going to leave it in their hands and let them show me how to run things differently.  The bottom line is nobody knows what the next six months are gonna look like. I love the idea of letting two young men with strong work ethic figure it out. The last three years have proved to me I could learn a lot from teaching a young man the day and day out perspective to life, work, or whatever struggle the world throws at them. 

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