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Donald Trump likes to buy votes

So here’s a thought for everyone – it is clear that Donald Trump likes to buy votes. Or at least lie about votes he bought, but indeed did no such thing. So he bought some votes with subsidies to the agricultural industry and farmers in the bread basket. 

I was born in flyover country in Knox County Illinois. I am in no way blaming farmers or what they do for this country. What I am trying to do is point out the absolute hypocrisy displayed by Republicans as they cut welfare food stamps for low income people but then provide similar subsidies to farmers in order to not lose their vote, as a result of not being able to sell their corn and soy beans. This really is vote buying at its finest. And using taxpayer dollars to do so I might add. 

Now I was continuing with my thought and wondered if Trump wanted to buy the most votes possible, why wouldn’t he increase subsidies for low income folks? There are more of them than there are farmers in Iowa. Oh I forgot for just a minute, he is racist through and through.

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