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Finding My Groove

Starting a new career as a writer is what I am doing here. I want to be clear about my intentions so that we can all be on the same page and keep conflict to a minimum. When I write, I will do my best to only share my experience and opinion. I try very hard to shy away from giving advise to others, especially those that I have never met. While I will share my story with you honestly and in great detail, I am only doing so to help myself stay alive and be of service to others that are struggling with Bipolar, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, or any mental illness that limits your life and interactions with others ON A DAILY BASIS. I call my metal illness the DAILY BEAST. One of the first things that I should share is that my AHDH makes it very difficult to sit and focus on one thing for even a short amount of time. I have started a study habit practice that lets me take bite sized pieces of what I need to accomplish on any given day. I discovered this practice on Tic Toc of all places. What I do is set the timer on my phone (which is on airplane mode while I am trying to write) for 25 minutes. I focus only on the one task I am working on for 25 minutes. All other distraction are put away and I think about nothing but the task at hand. Depending on the day, this can be easy and I can crank out the pages, or time can move slow and my mind races and is constantly distracted. This sometimes take several minutes to get myself back to “center” or it can take up the full day if I am fully flooded. On most days, if I stay true to my discipline and routine, I will be at my baseline and I can maintain that throughout the day. I have a saying, “take off and landing are the most important parts of any mission”. I consider each and everyday to be my mission impossible. The first thing I do when I open my eyes is say thank you to God for waking up another day. The very next thing I do is a full body scan of myself. I literally wiggle my toes and move up my legs, hips and the rest of my body inch by inch until I get to my beast of a brain. It is at this point in the morning I say a silent prayer and move to the bathroom to take my medication. I ALWAYS TAKE MY MEDS!!! I wake up every mornig at the same time; 4:20. This does two things for me. The time that I wake reminds me everyday what my goal is. My wife and I have a couple business’s in the cannabis space and my professional focus is on that process, day in and day out!! After having coffee with my wife and a short good morning chat, I head out the door and get my but to the gym. Reading and quiet time in the morning is just as important for me as the work out for my mental health. I should also share that for the last several years, I have limited my new consumption to only hard copy newspapers and Bloomberg financial reporting… they actually have some non-partisan political reporting as well. This helps immensely. It is very easy for me to get overwhelmed with the amount of information that is pushed at us everyday. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely calling and can also have a negative effeect on my mental health that I have had to learn how to manage. I only received my Bipolar and PTSD diagnosis a year and a half ago, I am still learning how to manage this and my family also hs had to learn what it is like to live with a family member that has bipolar. I am eternally grateful for all the love and support that they have shown me as we travel this bumpy road together. I am going to call it a day for now, I can always come back to write more later today if I finish the other itmes on my list. This is the discipline I need for myself and I am grateful for the willingness and opportunity to share with you my journey as a dad, husband, and friend with mental illness. BE the change you want to see in the world… DIDO!!



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