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Hats and T-shirts

This is a small number of hats compared to the ones I have lost!! Each one has a great story!

Hats and T-shirts are a very important part of not only my wardrobe but also my life story and perspective. I’m also very fond of suits and ties but this is an introduction to my essay series called “Hats and T-shirts.” Most people wear T-shirts and a lot of people wear ball caps. I would venture to guess though, that most people don’t assign the same level of significance to these rags as I do. Each one of these personal treasures tells a story. There is a real intention behind almost 100% of the hat and T-shirt acquisitions I have made over the years. Sometimes that intention was good, others, not so much; yes, a 20-year-old T-shirt can have a huge meaning in my life and even bring me to tears when I think about putting it on. There is an Elmo T-shirt that has such a place in my heart, more on that later.

The picture above represents some of the best moments of my life. I will enjoy sharing these with you and I hope you enjoy reading them. These hats are a big representation of my #DIDO process. I don’t wear a hat everyday, but when I do, it is intentional, I am setting the tone for the day. Ladies, if your husband likes hats, I want you to remember one thing. When your man walks out the door to go grocery shopping on Saturday morning and looks for a moment at what he will wear on his head, remember he could be making the most important decision of the day. Maybe he woke up a little cranky and picking the New Orleans Mardi Gras visor that you actually can’t stand makes him smile enough to realize life isn’t that bad. It’s the little things that matter #DIDO

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