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Insurance and Pharma Control the Narrative

I just heard an MSNBC host totally dismiss Bernie’s comment about Pete Buttigieg excepting money from billionaires as being “nonsensical.” So if I understand correctly the host does not see the connection between campaign contributions and policy influence? Bernie made a very deep comment that deserves analysis… it simply won’t happen in today’s media environment. Our modern day news outlets treat the things that matter the most like a sexy NFL pre game show… with sexy girls and quippy throwbacks. Bernie simply pointed out that Pete Buttigieg used to support “Medicare For All…” very proudly so… and… now he has changed his position. WTF happened? Bernie Sanders simply pointed out that Mr. Buttigieg changed his policy opinion after receiving money from insurance companies and big pharmaceutical interests. This is why we never get the truth… the same companies writes checks to the “news” outlets and control the narrative with advertising dollars. When I was in New Hampshire last week I got the chance to speak with Chris Matthews for a few moments and I told him the first thing they needed to do was get money out of politics and run federally financed campaigns. He immediately shot back that that will never happen… He even went so far as to say that it was the American people that would not stand for such a way of running elections. The media is in bed with intrenched interests passing around the same STDs as the politicians. Maybe that’s why I love Bernie so much… I know he’s not gonna give me any sort of disease.

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