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I just figured out what is going on in Iowa. It’s one huge cover-up. Why is no one talking about the app that was supposed to report all of this data that didn’t work. I heard one idiot say it wasn’t a reporting issue it was a coding issue??? If the code isn’t written right, then the app cannot report the data. 

So let me make that correction for the idiot I heard on the radio – it was both a coding issue and therefore a reporting issue. Caucuses have been happening for over 100 years. It’s the original way to select a single candidate from a group. It encourages dialogue and camaraderie amongst community members. I dare say it even promotes civility. 

But no one is talking about the fact that the first caucus fuck up was the first time they used an app to report the data. Make no mistake, someone wants to control your voter data and soon…very soon they will. This is how the narrative is controlled and technology is forced upon us in order to control us. I believe Bernie Sanders can form a policy to deal with and solve these problems.

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