Bernie Sanders- The Original Gangster T-Shirt


The thing that scares people the most about Bernie Sanders is that he has NEVER CHANGED HIS POSITION!!! Fighter for fair housing for African-Americans in 1963!!
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Bernie Sanders is indeed the real deal.

In 1963 Bernie Sanders was arrested for protesting segregated schools. In 1972 Bernie Sanders wrote in a Liberty Union Party newsletter, “Everybody knows what’s happening — who wants to know. A handful of people own almost everything … and almost everybody owns nothing. A handful of people make the decisions and the vast majority of people have virtually no control over their lives.”

Bernie’s messaging has been consistent since the 1960s. “The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer,” Bernie said in 1974. He continued, “and the vast majority in the middle are having a harder and harder time.”

Bernie Sanders is indeed the real deal, the original gangster.

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Soft, comfortable, and durable.

This Bernie t-shirt is a must-own!

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