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Bernie beats Blankfein… too

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My day in pictures 2/10/2020

image_cd603b84-2162-44d4-9d24-2615aa794d5a.img_1151image_545d3313-ed47-473a-8fd8-56add8101762.img_1150IMG_1188IMG_1167IMG_1184IMG_1116image_ca9f3b0c-430c-4105-98c8-29f148080f34.img_1133My day started early… got up at 4:20 so I could be at the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester. I had another 4:20 siting this morning when I was getting coffee and a doughnut. It is everywhere!

While at the diner, I read the Union Leader as well as the NYT’s… I also drank coffee out of a C-SPAN mug. Now most people wouldn’t think that’s a big deal, but to me reading hard copy newspapers is a daily practice and I’ve been watching C-SPAN since I was a kid. I believe that these two institutions are vitally important to a thriving democracy.

When I saw Jane Sanders standing to the side just a few feet away for me, I knew I had to give my seat to our future First Lady. She may have some of the best energy I’ve ever experienced or seen. She is such a sweet lady and I am grateful that she took the time to take a picture with me. This will be one of my favorites for a long long time.

Being in the front row and this close to Bernie is a really big deal for me. If he needed it, I would totally give him a foot rub. I am sure he has cute, white, soft, old man feet… or they are gnarly as fuck. Either way I am on the ready for foot care on the Sanders campaign bus.