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I Wish I Knew

I wish I knew

How you are doin’

How you are sleepin’

How you are feelin’

Whatchya been up to?

Some of this is good

Some not so much

Too know more

About me

How am I doin’

How am I sleepin’

How am I feeling’

Need too figure this out first

To really know

How someone else is doing

It’s the only way

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Snakes & Spiders

This is another poem I wrote about snakes and spiders… to good not to share

The key to happiness?


About yesterday as if it never happened 

forget about all your Yesterdays they have to go out the window 

I have only this moment 

this book chair, cabin dog soul skin heartbeat the love 

that passes through 


out into the world how else does one look at themselves in the mirror 

everyone can most won’t 

go there 

through the spiderwebs 

that stick to your face 

over the snakes that want to attach to your Achilles 

only when you trust yourself 

to not scar yourself 

can you 

forget about yesterday

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Trailer For Me A Shower For The Homeless!

This is a go fund me that will be a lot of fun to follow on social if it happens. I need 1000 people to do $10 apiece. At least that’s what I think is doable. Thanks in advance for all your love and support and generosity.


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June 28, 1972

June 28, 1972

This is a special day

47 years ago

The world took a mighty blow

Charlie and Bruce had no

Idea how it would go

Ronnie, Charlie, Greg, Wanda, and Bruce

Had things running nice and loose

Not a body could see 

How it was going to be

She has always insisted on being boss

Even if it meant taking a loss

When you add up the trust

And my insatiable lust

I know you will see

This is how it is meant to be

With the love of my life


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Look Up

Look Up

When I look down at the small rectangular light in my hand, my thoughts turn sharp, small, and angry. 
When I look up at the light of the Universe and MY God, my thoughts are inspiring, awesome, and full of love. 
Look up for your light. 
Chances are there will be dark all around you when you look up for your light,