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When wifey and I take a road trip through the southern quarter of our country, we love to stop at The Waffle House.  Some day’s we eat all three meals at this American treasure of a restaurant.  There simply is no better place to stop for breakfast any time of day or night.  Waffle House waitresses and cooks are some of the hardest working people out there.  I have even been reading lately that there are some Waffle House restaurants that are closing… when Waffle House closes its doors, you know it’s bad.  Now I have never posted anything having to do with “throwback Thursday” but I do indeed understand the concept.  In the spirit of #tbt, I am starting the hashtags #tot and #takeouttuesday.  This would be an excellent way to pull together and help those Americans that have been effected the most… restaurant, gig, and other service industry workers.  I can only image how grateful these workers would be to get a rush of orders for takeout meals on Tuesday.  I originally thought about doing this for dinner only but then it occurred to me that this should be done for all three meals.  What a difference this would make for people.  Now, I opened with the Waffle House story because I need to share something wifey and I like to do when we leave the restaurant.  Up until now we have not shared this with anyone but now it is time to tell the story and inspire others to help in whatever what they can.  We like to keep it private, we believe that when you do something nice for someone else, don’t get caught… it is between you and God.  It really does feel better like this.  When we leave the restaurant we pay with our credit card but then leave a $100 bill as a tip and leaving before the server has a chance to say thank you.  This always puts a smile on our faces and reminds us that the universe is indeed a kind place that offers unlimited possibilities for random acts of kindness.  So let’s all order take out on Tuesday.  Call your favorite restaurant, the one where they know your kids names, and let them know that you are there to support them through this difficult time.  When your delivery driver shows up to deliver your food, give a big tip.  Whatever you can afford… $10, $20, $100, and heck, imagine the effect you could have on a family if you were to give them a $1000 tip… I know some of you can afford this… so go ahead WOW somebody.  I like to think that drivers would pool their tips and it would have an even greater effect on your community.  We will get through this, no doubt, 100%.  We need to pull together and each do our part. For some of us that means simply staying Home and not spreading the virus.  Flattening the curve is one of the most important service projects you can participate in.  Enjoy your dinner!  #tot #takeouttuesday #ordertakeout #takeout #delivery #fooddelivery #Tuesday  #DIDO

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