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The Current State of Our Democracy

So I’m finishing my second beef and cheddar as I make my way to New Hampshire, and I had a really great idea and vision for what is happening right now.

I believe the current state of our democracy and the two party system is breaking under the weight of its own hubris. This could indeed be the way we get a multiparty system to represent all of America rather than just corporate interests which both parties execute flawlessly. 

As the younger generations witness what’s happening now, make no mistake, they’re learning how NOT to do things. There will be candidates who run for local office and third and fourth parties for Mayor in big cities, and for state legislatures. There will be congressional races with five different candidates running all funded by different people in different ways. Slowly billionaires will lose the grip they have on power. It took them a long time to get it given how our republic was born. So it will take a long time to unwind as well. 

I do believe, however, that this democracy will continue to survive for centuries. It’s an ugly thing to watch change and there’s a lot of pain that we all are going to go through. It’s that way with any group of cells bouncing around against each other. Whether it be the cells of your muscle when you work out, tear them down, and rebuild by eating healthy food, or the cells of your mind that may be chemically imbalanced bouncing around in a different way than the general population. Or the cells of a country (a.k.a. the population) all bouncing around against each other. Some of us get sick and some of us stay well, but as a collective, if we stay true and honest to ourselves and our faith, I believe we can get through any darkness. 

We are indeed going to be the last generation (X) to have broken a 240 year old democracy. I used to think that generation X was going to save the world, and would joke that our grandparents (the greatest generation) showed us how while our baby boomer parents weren’t paying attention to their parents or their children. It was a great time to grow up in the 70s and 80s wasn’t it my friends? I no longer think this is the case – we are about 20 years too late. 

The next generations behind us will indeed be the ones to turn the starship of planet earth back on its correct course so that we can enjoy this small little jam in the middle of our universe for a little bit longer.

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