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The Day After Big Tuesday

I had the sinking feeling last night that things were not going to turn out for Bernie the way I had hoped. In 2016, voters only became aware of the very real establishment push against Bernie Sanders after it was too late to do anything. The coronation of Hillary hit a major roadblock and the result was a very ugly and public airing of the dirty laundry the Democratic Party was keeping under wraps. During this cycle, I believe a lot of voters thought Bernie was going to get a fair shake and balanced coverage on the establishment media outlets. This simply did not happen and was even more brazen than the 2016 cycle. Over the past sevetral weeks I spent dozens of hours in the car driving from Iowa to New Hampshire, to South Carolina, North Carolina, and other locations in my home state of Illinois. During this time I listened mostly to MSNBC and would toggle to Fox News every now and then to hear what my old team had to say about the state of the race. It is obvious to me now, the blatant manipulation of the media and DNC is at a level I never thought would be possible. When I was in New Hampshire at the DoubleTree Hotel in Manchester, I was within earshot of Chris Matthews speaking with what appeared to be two men representing the donor class. While I could not make out what the two gentlemen were saying, I did here Mr. Matthews say…”everyone is freaking out and trying to figure out how to steer this thing to Bloomberg”. It is difficult to come up with anything smart to write after hearing these words from one of the most “respected” and well known “journalists” on television today. What Chris Matthews and MSNBC do is definitely not journalism! It is not reporting! It is not fact checking! It is not investigative! The “journalists” that we have come to rely on for our “news”, at every level, have all been “bought and paid for“. I have always believed that if you need to find the answer to a difficult question in our society, ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY. So, I went to the trusty internet and looked up the net worth of Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Chris Matthews. They all have a net worth of between $5 million and $20 million. That is an enormous amount of money to pay someone for reading the news. Lets look a bit closer at the money flow. All four of these news readers are paid between $5 million and $7 million a year! What do they spend their money on??? I have no doubt that all of these entertainers started out their journalistic careers with every good intention of making a difference and uncovering the truth. I know my own weaknesses and if I were presented with a $6 million check every year for reading the news, I very well could be swayed to steer the message to where my benefactors wanted. There is a shit ton (that is an official term) of money spent advertising all sorts (a shit ton) of products, medicines, and services meant to make out lives “better”. All those advertising dollars then go to pay the huge salaries of Rachel, the Chris’s, and Larry O’. It is then the job of those personalities to present the “news” in a manner that keeps the audience engaged and tuned in ALL THE TIME. They (not just the news readers) do this by inserting a tone of fear in literally every message they send our way. It is easy for a person to see things differently when there is a seven figure check waiting for you at the end of your shift. In this society we call this “bought and paid for“. Not only are our politicians not advocating for us, but the journalists we rely on for information that effects our lives have also left us to hang in the changing winds of this democratic experiment. HELP IS NOT COMING!!!

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