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This is a site that includes essays, poetry, and pictures that showcase my journey through the world. The world is a cruel place and men need a place to share how they are feeling about mental health, feelings of inadequacy, despair, family, marriage, fear, and parenting. I am 46 years old… the last 6 years have brought me to a different way of looking at the world. I see men all over that are suffering in silence. My willingness to share my recovery journey has led to several dozen people seeking my guidance for a family member or friend that is suffering from addiction and other mental health issues. I want to use this as a forum for guys to share and create community. I am not sure how this is going to unfold but isn’t that part of the point. We need to aim toward the highest possible good we can think of and then work day in day out towards that goal. That is harder than it seems, many times what prevents us from aiming toward that star is the fact that we have already been living the life someone else has laid out for us. Parents, kids, spouses, grandparents… we all want to please these people that have such a remarkable influence on our lives. Many times this leads us to loosing ourselves and who we were truly meant to be. Hell I am 46 and just know figuring this shit our for myself. Hey, life is no dress rehearsal and we need to get going, time is NOT on our side.

Thanks for joining me!

— Rob

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