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The Messages We Receive From Our Media

I have been seeing these images all over for the last few weeks. This is one of the more brazen attempts to frame Bernie as “crazy” and Joe to be seen as the “savior.” This kind of messaging, unfortunately works very well. Some people will see this for what it is and others will look the other way and still others will stay willfully ignorant. I don’t want to spend any time writing about this as it is plain and simple for me to see… others I cannot control. I have realized over the last few days, I have not shared very much about myself and that is the main reason for this blog. Being authentic and genuine along with a strong willingness/desire to share helps a lot of people… having the willingness does not mean that this ever gets any easier. My primary purpose is to 1st keep my own ass in line and then to help others by sharing my story.

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