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Why is Bernie so controversial?

Why in the world does Chris Matthews announce the next segment of the show as “Bernie has a surmountable lead – can Pete catch him?” If it was Biden (or anyone else) in the lead, it would be a different headline. Why is Bernie so controversial? He has never changed his point of view and his entire career has been about helping others. Why is that considered so offensive and crazy? He simply wants dignity for human beings. 

People have given the term socialist an unbelievably negative connotation. Let me just state one simple thing, established democracy has a socialist party as part of its government. Socialism is seen as negative in America because it would mean the two parties were losing their grip on power. Their policies, right or left, are socialist relative to how they are feeling that day or what poll they have last read. 

The Eisenhower Republican presidential platform was as follows… 1) Provide federal assistance to low-income communities 2) Protect Social Security 3) provide asylum for refugees 4) extend minimum wage 5) Improve unemployment benefits system so it covers more people 6) strength and labor laws so workers can easily join the union 7) assure equal pay for equal work regardless of sex.

How in the world does this get turned on its head and considered crazy and socialist? I’m currently writing on the interstate highway system built by President Eisenhower. 

Anyone who likes to say they did this on their own is forgetting one simple fact – the trucks that brought supplies to their business traveled on beautiful roads built by a Republican president.

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